Upcoming Events

November 2nd: Military Family Winter Rally @ Spruce Mountain Ranch, Larkspur, Colorado
November 4th: Utah Demo Trip
November 7th: Wyoming Demo Trip
December 11th: Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities Mountain Chalet, Aspen, Colorado

About Tred

Tred Barta is an American hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman, who hosts The Best and Worst of Tred Barta on NBC SPORTS OUTDOORS. As a fisherman, Barta has amassed several world records, some still current. 

When hunting, Barta eschews modern contrivances and overly sentimental views of nature and favors a "common man" approach grounded in respect for animals he hunts and the view that the pursuit can be as meaningful as killing the animal. In keeping with this, he does not consider a hunt a failure simply because no game is taken. In addition, he usually hunts with a longbow and homemade cedar arrows, which makes taking game much more difficult.

Barta has used his bow and arrows on his show to take several big game species, including bear, elk, and moose. He has used a handgun when pursuing wounded game (a wild boar) into thick brush, and a guide with a gun is often present during his hunts. Nonetheless, Barta's methods place him in proximity to animals that could harm him seriously, perhaps fatally, and involve a level of danger significantly higher than that faced by hunters employing modern weapons.
  • Author of one of the best selling books in outdoor sports writing, "The Best and Worst of Tred Barta" and has a second book on the way
  • Developed modern day canyon techniques
  • Caught more big eye tuna than anyone in the world
  • Multiple hunting and fishing records
  • Teacher, lecturer, BBMC, Boys and Girls Club of America, etc.
  • Hunts with longbow with homemade wooden arrows
  • Developed many if the light tackle boat handling and light tackle fishing techniques used today as a benchmark
  • Believable - tremendous depth of experience worldwide - Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Europe, etc.
  • Credible - Turned down the endorsements so as to be believable
  • Many of Tred's competitors are bought and sold by sponsors... no one believes them