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02/18/09 Hunting With Tred Barta by Jody Narantic

Hunting With Tred Barta

A few months ago I had no idea who Tred Barta was. I’m sorry Mr. Barta but I’m not the hunter in our household and I tune out any hunting shows my husband watches.

When I had the opportunity to participate in a podcast with Mr. Barta, I had to do my homework. I watched a lot of Tred Barta hunting shows online at Versus Country. Stalking a turkey in Indiana, bear hunting in Alaska, and even Mr. Barta eating pigs feet. Eww.

Oh for the love of my blog reputation -

I have to admit I enjoyed watching his hunts. He made them exciting, interesting and I wondered how anyone keeps up with him on a hunt. I even imagined how I could ever keep up with him on a hunt and this is how I imagined it…

Barta vs. THW

Pre hunt:

Barta: Another day another adventure. Let’s go. Up and at ‘em.

THW (me): I haven’t had my coffee.

Barta: We don’t drink coffee, animals smell it. All you need is fresh air and the sun on your face.

THW (me): Well then how come they didn’t smell the pigs feet you ate? I’m sure that smell lingered for weeks. Do I get to wear war paint?

THW: OH and I’m not wearing deer urine. Just so we’re clear on that.

Barta: We don’t have time for that. We’ve got to spot and stalk.

THW whispers: Um, Mr. Barta? What is spot and stalk?

Peak Hunt (with a little background music):

THW: How far is our stand?

Barta: No stands, no blinds, just spot and stalk. Wind in our face and fair chase. The hard way, the Barta way.

THW: I’ve heard that deer can run you over. Just ask my friends from Simply Outdoors. That happens. It’s dangerous. I think we’d be better off in a stand. It’s safer.

Barta: Have you not watched my shows?

THW: Umm, No. Well kinda. I tried. Really.

Barta: You see this? It’s a scrape. Deer are near. I smell them. I feel them. They will fear us. 200 yards out we got ‘em. We need to be quiet.

THW whispers: Umm, Mr. Barta? I have to tinkle. I’m nervous.

Barta: Go behind those bushes.

THW: Have you not read my blog? Oh for the love of poison ivy.

Barta: Where’s your homemade bow and homemade wooden arrows?

THW: Well I was straddled over there minding my own business when I thought I saw a skunk and lost my balance and accidentally kicked my bow and arrows over that cliff.

Barta: Do you know how long it takes to makes those by hand?

THW: Well I’m sorry but if we were in a tree stand I wouldn’t have had that problem.

THW: There’s a snake.

Barta: Chop! Here put that over your shoulder.

THW: Oh hell no!

THW: SCREAMMMMMMMMM there’s a deer.

Barta: Oh for the love of hunting with professionals.

THW: I’m sorrrrrrry.

Post Hunt:

Barta: We had a weak moment, we did our best, we came out here to do what we needed to do spot and stalk. Not all hunts are successful. What a priviledge to be out here.

THW: With me? You’re too kind. That was rough. I even think I had a lil sweat going on. Do you see my hair? It looks like a squirrel jumped in thinking it was a nest.

Back to reality: I wonder if he has a “Barta Boot Camp”.